Would You Kill A Murderer To Save His Next Victim?

James Davis is born into a life of strife and discord because of his abusive father, but his mother’s love is the glue that holds his world together. He would do anything for her—anything to protect her. When she meets her fate at the hands of his father, James is compelled to make the man pay for what he has taken from him. Before he gets the chance, a stranger snatches the opportunity away, threatening James with his life if he tells anyone the truth about what happened. As mysteriously as he had appeared, he then vanishes into the night, passing from sight and down into the murky depths of James’s memory.

Sixteen years later, James is still trying to cope with the events of that night. He has a normal life, for the most part, but he fears his childhood has left him a broken man from a broken home. As an adult, he now struggles with PTSD, anxiety, and other ailments. And then, the stranger who killed James’s father all those years ago suddenly reappears and throws James into insufferable paranoia and chaos. Does the man’s reappearance promise James deliverance from all his woes… or has he now come for James and everyone close to him?

Available as eBook, paperback, and audio book

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Lorelei Logsdon worked as a communication specialist and technical writer for 20 years before turning her hand to fiction. She has published ten books in various genres under several pseudonyms, and currently works as a freelance editor for independent authors and self-publishers.

Born and raised just outside Washington, DC, Lorelei moved to North Carolina in 2007 and has lived there ever since. Comorbid is her first thriller.

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