Some secrets can only end in betrayal.
Some debts can only be paid in blood…

James Davis never asked what drew the stranger to his boyhood home that fateful night. After his father’s drunken tantrum turned deadly, he vowed to take his mysterious savior’s bloody secret to the grave. Now a grown man, James thinks his past trauma is far behind him, until the stranger returns with a grim mission…

What starts as a crusade to reform wrongdoers soon plunges his small town into a storm of violence. And James realizes he can no longer look the other way. With innocent lives on the line, James must find the courage to overcome his victimhood and condemn the very man who saved his life…

Comorbid is a spine-tingling psychological thriller. If you like haunting suspense, mind-bending twists, and raw depictions of crime, then you’ll love Lorelei Logsdon’s visceral mystery.

Buy Comorbid to let your darkest imaginations run wild today.

Available as eBook, paperback, and audio book


Lorelei Logsdon worked as a communication specialist and technical writer for 20 years before turning her hand to fiction. She has published ten books in various genres under several pseudonyms, and currently works as a freelance editor for independent authors and self-publishers.

Born and raised just outside Washington, DC, Lorelei moved to North Carolina in 2007 and has lived there ever since. Comorbid is her first thriller.

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